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Mobdro 2.0.52 is up for grab now!

Live Streaming has been a part of our daily social media life nowadays. With YouTube, the habit started and now hundreds of apps came into the markets that enable us to enjoy movies and TV shows without any interruption. Some streams legal videos and some streams copyrighted contents but as a user you can enjoy regardless of the legal issues of the contents.

Mobdro is one of these apps that literally move your entertainment world from TV screen to Android phones. With the new update of the APK of this app, Mobdro got a lot of chaos. Let’s find out the things added to the latest Mobdro APK 2.0.52 version.

Mobdro 2.0.52 – New Features Added

Fixed overlay button in TV interface: The latest Mobdro APK has fixed the issue that we usually face while running Mobdro on Android TV. Now, you can enjoy the videos uninterruptedly without any further issue.

A crash fixed when exiting TV mode: Another thing that we face all-time while switching the TV mode off. We usually experience crashes during switching off from TV mode and the app on Android also gets crashed.

Minor bug fixes and improvements: According to the official release, some minor bugs are fixed and the performance of this app improved overall.

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How to update your Mobdro to the latest 2.0.52 version

  • As this app isn’t available online on an official app store, updating this app takes a little bit retro-process. How to do the update, let’s have a look-
  • Launch the Mobdro app installed on your Android device.
  • Once it’s opened fully, you need to tap on the top left option button. Tapping on that option releases a sliding window with a lot of options.
  • There you will find an option named “About”.

  • Tap on that option and if there’s any update it will show that.
  • Once it’s clear that you got an update to the latest Mobdro 2.0.52 version, tap on that and you are ready to go! It’s that Simple.

  • It may take a few minutes to install the update on the existing app on your device, It will ask you whether you want to install the update or not. Just press “OK” and proceed. There’s no rocket science behind it.
  • Once the installation finishes, the app provides you a notification that the app is updated to the latest version.

  • Now come back on the main menu and go to the “About” option. There you will see the version of the latest app that has been installed just before a few minutes ago.

If you are looking for Mobdro Firestick, the installation procedure is a little different.

Make sure these points before updating the app

  • Check your data connection because if it gets interrupted in-between then you need to start again.
  • Have at least 30% battery life remaining on your device.

Close all the other apps before updating Mobdro, you may face any warning message from the OS once you proceed to update the app, simply turn those down because Android always gives warning when any third party app is being installed or updated in a non rooted Android device.


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