5 Mobdro Alternatives!!

Mobdro is an app used to stream video online which usually stream viral videos or other trending videos and also the most watched videos on the internet. It also plays the videos present in your smartphone, it acts like a video player too.

Mobdro is an app which constantly crawls the whole web and brings you the videos which are trending. By now many of you would have decided to use mobdro, the features of it is amazing, but it can also miss some of the trending videos. So, in this post, we will list top 5 alternatives of mobdro.

Top 5 apps like mobdro to stream videos online:

#1 – UtrailMe

UtrailMe is one of the best alternatives of mobdro because it provides very similar service as mobdro, and sometimes it streams some of the best videos that mobdro misses. It allows its users to instantly share the videos listed in the app with your friends, Facebook, twitter, Reddit, etc. And another wonderful feature of this app which makes everyone love it is it allows its user to share videos, videos listed in the app or the videos they upload in the app to their friends, family, etc.

#2 – Mivo

Many users across the globe use mivo because it provides twin benefits like it streams video online and at the same time you can enjoy television channels live. There is a wide range of channels including sports, movies, infotainment, new, etc. to choose from mivo and you can enjoy it 24 X 7 live.

And another added benefit of the app is that you can enjoy all the video listed in the app in high definition and also all the channel comes in full HD, so you can just use a Chromecast or a screen share enabled smart TV to live stream all channels in HD instead of paying for cable connection.

#3 – Ustream

Ustream is an online video stream and broadcasting app. Ustream is very popular for one feature which is group play, this feature allows its users to share video to a particular group of members or allow every member of the group to upload different videos to the group which can bring a group similar interests people to share videos within their group. Like Mivo all videos streamed by Ustream is full HD and this is one of the best mobdro alternatives which is more safe and secure than mobdro.

#4 – Cinema Box

This app is mainly used for movie streaming online, which has almost all movies in its database. Cinema Box database provides a wide range of films in all genres and all languages. Apart from movie stream it also allows its users to share videos and also crawls the internet to stream trending video in HD.

#5 – Sling

Sling is an app exclusively used to stream sports. If you are a sports lover, it may be football or cricket or tennis, all sports channels are streamed in HD in this app for free. This app provides more than 50 channels exclusively for sports.

The above apps are cooler than mobdro, so have it a try and share your views in comment section.