Mobdro FAQ and Answers!!

Mobdro for android is a next-gen app that allows you to find video streams online and play them in your own mobile phone or tablet that runs on android. Mobdro tirelessly searches for the best streams available for free on the internet. It provides you with a wide variety of topics in which you can stream videos.

It provides you with a variety of functions Like sharing the videos you like with your friends and much more. This app is for you if you are someone who likes to watch a lot of videos. There are some common troubles that pop up with the use of this app. In this article we will try to troubleshoot the common errors and problems that you face while using this app.

About the app

This app lets you not only to stream videos online but also enables you to download them offline and view them whenever you want. This feature makes Mobdro a clear frontrunner in the community of video streaming apps. Mobdro claims that this app can only exclusively be downloaded from its own website. It contains two versions, freemium and premium. You can download the freemium version and upgrade to the premium version from there on.

What does ‘the parse error’ mean?

This is a very common error that many users of Mobdro report while using the app. His error is not only specific for Mobdro but is a common appearance in many apps. The reason this error pops up is mainly because the android version your mobile runs on is lesser than that for which the app was compiled for. You require a minimum of android v4.1 (Jellybean) for this app to run smoothly and enjoy a complete experience.

Is it compatible with IOS?

Unluckily, iOS users are not able to avail this app. This is sure to be compatible with iOS as a lot of people around the world use iPhones.

Is it compatible with Google Chromecast?

Mobdro is compatible with Google Chromecast if it is under proper configuration.If it is done correctly Mobdro will detect, automatically, the device and provides you with a suitable navigation bar. This helps you take the video streams you love to the big screen in just a click.

Is my personal data safe?

Any company whose running depends on customer satisfaction would definitely keep the data their customers provide extremely secure. Mobdro is not an exception in this case. It considers the interest of its customers as its most important point of work. It requires the data to serve you in a more efficient way and provide you with suggestions of video streams.

Why is the account permission mandatory?

Account permissions required to verify your account in case you decide to upgrade to the premium version of the app.

Is downloading streams possible?

Downloading streams in Mobdro is a premium feature. It also allows you to control and manipulate the time limit of recording the video stream. This is an extremely important feature as it allows you to save memory.