Mobdro for Kodi Download and Install Mobdro Video Addon!!


Mobdro is a great application to stream all movies, TV shows, news, sports and all other entertainment media from all over the world in almost all languages. Mobdro was first developed for Android exclusively so later after people show more and more interest in the application, the developers have started to develop the same app for different platforms like iOS, Windows, Kodi, etc. Kodi is an application for the smart TVs which will enable you to use any android app on a bigger LED screen.

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The installation and usage of Mobdro in other platforms like Kodi and Chromecast have become a bit complex for the noobs, so in this post, I will guide you through the installation process of Mobdro on Kodi and also how to use Mobdro on Kodi, the advantages, disadvantages, features, etc. After perfect configuration of the Mobdro on Kodi, you will be able to use all the options that are available for the Android version of the app like downloading movies, creating a playlist, etc.

Mobdro for Kodi Download

The installation process is a one-time process and an easy one when you understand it completely, so follow the steps mentioned below carefully. Do not skip any point below or you will end up in error or failure of the process. Some points don’t give you sense, but they are done for a reason.

  • Start Kodi and then choose options and select file manager in it and then select it to move inside the system options.
  • Under source, option clicks on add source to get a list after the list appears to select the first option “None” and continue.
  • After you do the above-mentioned points, you will get a keyboard type the following phrase in it.
  • The phrase to type:
  • After you enter the phrase you will get the name of the package, then select Enter name for the media source and enter any name you want and click save.
  • Now close the window and go to system settings and click on the add-ons option.
  • Now you will get a list to install search for the zip file that you gave a name and select it to install.
  • After the add-on is installed, open it go to the repository, then to video, then to add-ons, then select Mobdro from it and click on the fourth option “install”.
  • You will get a success message after it is installed. That’s it, enjoy Mobdro on Kodi!

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This is a one-time process unless you reset it, but this is a very process compared to the installation of Mobdro in Chromecast, so anyone can configure it in Kodi. This is the complete guide on XBMC installation and Mobdro for Kodi configuration, so bookmark this page for further doubts or configuration purpose it will be very useful. If you face any issue or problem while installation or configuration of Mobdro for Kodi then feel free to comment below we will help you out.

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